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Dr. Anthony Spinnickie has extensive
training and experience in performing
Anterior Muscle-Sparing Total Hip
Replacements. He recognizes the clear
advantages that this method provides
to his patients:
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Monday 9am-5pm
Tuesday 10am-6pm
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Friday 9am-4pm

91 South Jefferson Rd.
Suite 201 Whippany, NJ
- Conserving vital muscles and tendons
- Providing an enhanced recovery
- Decreasing dislocation rates
- Minimizing residual limp abnormalities
- Assuring optimal positioning of implants and restoration of
hip anatomy including correct leg lengths.

Email Dr. Spinnickie with any questions you may have about
hip and knee replacement surgery, implant options, and the
Anterior Muscle-Sparing Total Hip Replacement at:

FREE initial consultations are available.

Dr. Spinnickie has both daytime and evening office hours.
Call 973.599.9779 today for an appointment and see if
Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery may be right for you.